Sports massage Level 4

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Anatomy and physiology

Award in education and training 

Thai massage


Reiki and Emotional release

Lymphatic drainged massage

Bamboo massage

Fertility massage

Pregnancy massage

Hot stone massage

Cranial Therapy

Fascia released

Dry needling


Together with 26 other practitioners, Paweena Promkot has successfully treated over thousands of patients in an alternative therapy clinic named The Heeler Centre in Sussex, England, helping them regain their health and experience life fully again. Her other areas of expertise include managing a sports therapy clinic that has provided care for renowned athletes, stuntmen, equestrians and other patients who are in need of her services. Having gained valuable experience through all these processes, Paweena established Simply Sports Massage  to extend affordable help to more people who may require her professional care.

Our mission is to help people become pain free. Rest assured that you will be in good hands and you may expect nothing less than quality care and service from our team.


Having obtained an extensive educational background after completing multiple courses in England, Paweena has equipped herself with the medical knowledge and techniques required in the field of physiotherapy. She believes in the importance of applying the medically certified skills when treating patients in order for them to achieve the most effective results.

Our vision is to provide a better quality of life. We believe in extending our reach to all people who require our services because everyone deserves good and accessible healthcare and a chance at living their best lives. We wish to push our limits and expand our business so as to treat people with our professionalism and acquired medical knowledge not only in Thailand, but also the rest of Asia